Quality Sleep Is Possible

Polly VandenBerg is an Infant Sleep Educator who helps families connect and get better sleep through a holistic and humanistic approach.

A holistic approach to baby and family sleep

The stereotype of the exhausted new parent is everywhere is our society. It is assumed that new parents are going to stumble around in an exhausted haze until their child sleeps through the night - but it doesn’t have to be that way. Quality sleep is possible, even if your baby wakes at night.

Polly VandenBer, Cradled infant sleep education, cradled.ca

Meet Polly VandenBerg

I know how it feels in those early days of parenthood (even with a second or third child!), when you’re overwhelmed with emotions and fatigue. You are figuring out a new family dynamic, and that can be confusing. It seems like every friend, family member, and helpful stranger has different advice for you to follow, and you may feel like you are being caught in a tidal wave of uncertainty.

If you’re a parent of an infant or toddler who is struggling with exhaustion and confusion, I can help! I can help your family get better sleep, connect more, and stress less.

I offer gentle, non-judgemental solutions that empower parents to understand normal infant sleep, to trust their own instincts, and to find ways to soothe their babies to sleep. I want to help parents understand that there are many ways to parent infants to sleep, and that it is possible for the whole family to sleep better.

Work with me

Do you want to know more about normal infant sleep? Do you want to get better sleep as a family? I can help you with holistic solutions for better whole-family sleep.

Dream On, Cradled Sleep Education Toronto

Dream On
Infant Sleep Seminar

This seminar teaches you the basics of infant sleep, how to prepare for baby’s sleep patterns, and gentle ways to parent baby to sleep.

The Essentials, Cradled Sleep Education Toronto

The Essentials
Customized Sleep Package

This sleep package offers a customized sleep plan for your child or toddler, with a 30-minute follow-up session and two weeks of email support.

Extra Comfort, Cradled Sleep Education Toronto

Extra Comfort
Customized Sleep Package

This sleep package offers a customized sleep plan for your child or toddler, with a 1-2 hour follow-up session and four weeks of email support.

Ultimate Luxury, Cradled Sleep Education Toronto

Ultimate Luxury
Dream On Seminar PLUS the Extra Comfort Package

This package offers all of the benefits of the Dream On seminar and the Extra Comfort custom sleep package.


I got in touch with Polly after months of struggling with my 2-year-old’s nap time... My daughter and I were both drained and hanging on by a thread at the end of the day, and things seemed pretty bleak.
Polly met with us in our home, and her comforting presence immediately lifted some of the stress. She was warm and knowledgeable, and made me feel more confident in my own parenting instincts. She made us a thorough sleep plan that was logical and easy to follow, and worked perfectly for our particular family situation.
Before I met Polly, I felt like I was nearing a breaking point. My life revolved around nap attempts, and trying to create the perfect conditions for my daughter’s sleep. Polly gave me permission to let go of rigid schedules and routines that weren’t working for our family. She helped me become more confident in my own instincts, and to trust my daughter’s cues. We still implement quiet time every afternoon, and we are a happier family because of it. Thank you, Polly!!
Jacqueline, Toronto

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