Night Terrors – Toddler and Child Sleep

Hallowe’en, cold and ‘flu season, and Daylight Savings can all disrupt children’s sleep. That disruption can manifest in a few different ways, including those tough nighttime episodes known as night terrors. Before we start, I want to reassure you that night terrors are generally harmless. This is important to remember because they can be really frightening…

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Parenting advice: don’t “should” on me

Photo by Janko Ferlič on Unsplash

One comment I hear again and again from parents is “Someone told me that I should…”. This comes from many places: grandparents, parents, in-laws, siblings, colleagues, friends, and even Facebook groups and parenting forums. Don’t let anyone should on you. Have you been told you “should” night wean, or sleep train, or get out more,…

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What is an Infant Sleep Educator?

What is an infant sleep educator?,

A certified Infant Sleep Educator is a parental support worker who knows about healthy, normal, and optimal baby and toddler sleep. Sleep Educators believe that it is normal and healthy for babies to wake at night, and that sleeping through the night is a developmental milestone, just like crawling and walking. Sleep Educators look at…

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